Warning: unproductive

to the people who keep sending me numbers and characters for the challenge: stop.

Come with us Siggy, join the weeaboo side

im so deep in the weeaboo side i can see caramelldancin and the fuckin haruhi suzumiya dance 

you clearly need to listen to mitchie m

i blame you for everything

I saw an ask about Caroline and I was like "!!!! whoa wait what" because that's my name and so i looked into her and 10/10 do love

omg, thank u! //w\

Hi! I can't wait to get a commission done, which leads me to asking for help./)_(\ I know you work with paypal and I think I have to make an account? Or do I just put in my card information? So sorry to bother. Thanks.

i had to look it up and apparently you dont need an account to send money???

im not super duper sure, but here’s this https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/send-money-online

i’m super unhelpful, gomen u_u;;;

world is mine is the only weeaboo song that will never not be amazing 

are we able to draw your kantuna superhero AU?? just wondering, cause they would be interesting to make, but i completely understand if you don't want us to, it's your AU!!! (also sorry if this has been asked before unu)

it’s actually a friends au i’m drawing out. but ye go ahead and draw them if you wanna! /o\ /

For the fantrolls commission I think it's Kankris porn stash's version of the psiioniic


Have you always had Caroline around and didn't show her to us or did you make her recently?

i made her like, yesterday /w\;

just sketching oc’s doing stuff

just sketching oc’s doing stuff

A commission! sorry for taking so long! /n\ 

A commission! sorry for taking so long! /n\ 

Have you picked any magic like type that Caroline can be or is that a W.I.P

she does black magic!! 

er well, teaches it i guess. im still thinking about it.

but if it helps, celia’s a doctor. 

Baby David Killed me, Caroline looks lovely, family moment of homebirth miracles. Too much cute and lovely family shizz AUUGH BUT BABY DAVID

10 pounds of cute


Was making a selection for headshots/busts to show for a new commission post.